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How to Search Twitter Like a Pro

If you are like me, you probably find Google to be lacking when it comes to some areas of search. For example, Google is not very good at finding recent information. IMHO the best place to search for fresh information on a topic is to use the Twitter search function. Twitter searches can supply great ...
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New Facebook Send Button and Social Media Marketing

How many times have you found a great link that you KNOW some of your Facebook fans will love, but you didn’t post it because you didn’t want to alienate all of your other fans? Well, Facebook has solved your problem.  Yesterday, Facebook announced a new “send” button which is similar to the “like” button that ...
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Solving the Content Marketing Problem for Social Media

Every business has a content problem and also has underutilized content. We have solved the content problem for businesses through a combination of technology and innovative processes (like our soon to be released Geo-SoMo(TM)). If you have a Smartphone and can push a button, we can help your business become an online authority in your ...
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Jennifer Aniston Not So Sex Tape

As content marketers, we all want to know what makes a video go viral. If we could only crack that code, we would all be on the fat and happy road to Shangri-La. There are of course no hard and fast rules, but, in a new web video by Smart Water featuring Jennifer Aniston, they have ...
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Mint Social Named Top Social Media Marketing Company for Seventh Time

For the seventh consecutive month, Scottsdale based company, Mint Social is named one of the best social media marketing companies in the U.S., according to a study conducted by TopSEOs.com.   TopSEOs.com, an independent authority on search vendors, identifies and ranks the best internet marketing agencies and tools using various rigorous evaluation processes. The criteria ...