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Tag: Geo SEO

Geo search engine optimization GEO SEO is becoming the top result, especially on smartphones. Results served up are based on your current location to the nearest local results.

local search engine optimization geo-seo

Get Hyper-local to Grow Your Business Online (Geo-SEO)

Where your business’s physical location has never been more important in the eyes of search engines, have you noticed that Google Maps and Google Places were integrated into Google Plus, and now they have been sneakily added to Google My Business since Google Plus was put to bed in 2019? We are constantly monitoring the ...

Social Local and Mobile Marketing Strategies for Administrative Professionals

Presentation to the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) Conference – Be The ONE in Social Media How can businesses get a competitive advantage over their competition using social media marketing? Whether you are a local or a national business, determining what are the most effective social networks and content strategies for building your online ...