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Matt O'Brien Mint Social SMAZ Type T Marketer

Automating Content Marketing for the Social Web – Matt O’Brien at ICON12

As Mint Social works daily to create better social media marketing content for our customers, we must have a rock-solid system and processes to organize it all. To help manage our client’s activities, work, and campaigns, Mint Social uses Infusionsoft’s customer relationship management software. In doing so, we’re able to organize, prioritize and automate a ...
content marketing mint social

Solving the Content Marketing Problem for Social Media

Every business has a content problem and also has underutilized content. We have solved the content problem for businesses through a combination of technology and innovative processes (like our soon to be released Geo-SoMo(TM)). If you have a Smartphone and can push a button, we can help your business become an online authority in your ...