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Category: Website Design

Over 65% of website traffic originates from a smartphone or mobile device. Having a responsive design for your website is no longer best-in-class practices. Mobile-first is a new requirement!

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There is Only One Web

Many potential clients who come to us at Mint Social talk about wanting to launch a new “mobile website” and create a strategy for the “mobile web”.  According to a 2012 study by google smartphones have the highest number of daily user interactions compared to tablets, desktops and laptops.   With the increased reliance of smartphones ...
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Auto-Updating the Year in your Website Footer

This is a little tip for all my website manager friends out there. One of my least favorite tasks is going to all the sites we manage every year and updating the copyright notice in the footer. The other day, I was browsing an article when I came across a “DUH” idea. I am actually ...