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Social media marketing is above the funnel sales activity. We can help you turn activity into new business and grow our online reach to your top prospects. Ask us about our social media marketing content engine to help turn your prospects into customers and your brand evangelists, 480-818-6468.

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Social Media & Presidential Campaigning

As the years tick away and technology evolves, it has molded and changed presidential elections. In the ’30s and ’40s, FDR held “Fireside chats” via radio, giving ‘We the People’ a chance to really hear what the President and candidates were like as real people. Television has long been given credit for giving rise to ...
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Social Media Marketing – Looking to 2020 and Beyond

The world of Social Media Marketing is changing, onward, and upward. Marketing and advertising via social media used to be an organic bonus if enough people liked your post word of mouth or the “Share” feature garnered natural attention to your business, social media was a success. There are many missed opportunities small companies should ...
TopSEOs MINT Social

Mint Social Featured Among Best Social Media Marketing Firms

The well-known independent authority on search marketing topseos.com announced the rankings of the 100 best social media marketing services for 2015. Naming the company’s impressive performance during topseos.com’s meticulous evaluation process, Mint Social has been named the sixth-best company in the category. To identify the best of the best, topseos.com employs a specialized team of ...
MintSocial Infusionsoft Digital Marketing case study

MINT Social Featured as Infusionsoft Success Story

As anyone who’s tried to create and maintain a company’s social media strategy can attest to, the process can be complicated to manage—from getting set up on and keeping track of the different platforms, to maximizing the strengths of each social network. It’s a chore for one company, let alone managing several corporate brands online. ...
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Social Media Primer for Board of Director Members

I recently had the privilege of presenting to the board of directors of the NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association, which represents about 900 independent, community-based telecommunications companies. This presentation was custom-tailored as an overview “social media primer” for the local board members representing a mostly retired demographic. When polling the audience with a show of hands ...