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About MINT Social

About MINT Social - Digital Marketing Company

Mint Social is an award-winning digital marketing company.


We accelerate online marketing results to help businesses get found online.

Businesses hire us to:

  • Build a content marketing engine to grow influence and engagement online.
  • Create a seamless online experience for search, social, mobile, and local marketing.
  • Attract and convert prospects into customers.
  • Retain and evangelize your customer base.

Best of Our Valley 2019, 2020 & 2021 MINT Social Best Social Networking Online Media Firm

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2011-2019 Top 10 Social Media Marketing Firm in the USA, MINT Social

MINT Social Top 5 Marketing Communications agency brand integration
2020-2021 Top 5

Origin Story

Mint Social launched in 2008 as a social media marketing and online branding company. Our commitment then remains true today… to streamline and simplify the digital marketing process with measurable results. Our blend of best-in-class digital marketing tools, talent, and technology gives your business the competitive edge and foresight to grow today and for years to come.

Our unique approach to online marketing is centered on accelerating successes and failures. Every business we work with is unique, yet our experience gives us the foresight for predictive results that we call “truth” mapping and “failure hacking”…fail fast, iterate quickly to accelerate success. We learn from every digital marketing campaign we launch to guide us to your business’s true path of marketing success.

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Our Team

Since 1996, web development and digital media have been a core focus for our team of experts. We have worked for and with Fortune 500 businesses and have helped grow companies from the start-up stage to exit strategy. Some of our accomplishments:


Esprit de Corps

  1. Fail Fast, Iterate Quickly
  2. Failures are more important than successes.
  3. Maintain a culture of learning and always questioning basic assumptions & best practices.
  4. Data Leads–Always.

Why You Should Not Hire Us

If one or more of the following is not important to your business:

  • Implementing a digital marketing strategy for mobile, social, local, and web.
  • Getting found in the top online marketing channels and search engines where 7 out of 10 of your prospects are.
  • Building digital media assets (web video, audio, photos, blogs, and more) with Digital Intelligence (AI & machine learning tools).
  • Building predictive results with your digital marketing campaigns.
  • Using monetization tools and ROI dashboards for tracking successes (and failures).


What Makes Us Different

  1. We are Dumb…like Columbo. We don’t assume that we ask many questions, learn your story, and find the true path towards success.
  2. We are Lazy…with data, loading to maximize speed, and user engagement on the mobile web. Being lazy on the web means that it takes minimal effort for your prospect to engage with your business.
  3. We are Direct. We are confident in our Digital Strategy, but we are not the right fit for every business. We are also humble in that it is an honor to explore if we are a fit to help grow a business online and direct you to your best option, which may not be MINT Social.

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