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Drive New Business & Referrals with Positive Online Reviews

online reviews generation marketing promotion

How it works


  1. Surveys are sent to your customers
  2. Customers are engaged to share their review (4 or 5 stars) to the Review Sites of your choice.
  3. Your endorsements can be automatically pushed to your social networks.
  4. Your endorsements will be prominently displayed on your website.
  5. Search engines love content, but they love customer reviews even more… and what’s better than a review? An endorsement! Your endorsements will dominate on the search results pages for Google, Bing, and Yahoo, making you look GOOD while generating more customers for your business.


The ROI is significant! Here is what you can expect to see:


  • 15% of surveys are completed
  • 13% of positive reviews are being shared to social networks
  • 9% of positive reviews are being shared to Google My Business
  • 6% of surveys contain a referral
  • 60% of our user’s personalized business pages are showing up on page 1 of Google after only 75 days. Often in the top 3 positions!


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Why use MINT Social Reviews?


  • Improved Reputation
  • Collect and promote your customer’s reviews on your site, search engines, social networks, and review sites of your choice.
  • Increase Your Revenue
  • Turn your customers into brand advocates and empower them to create thousands of positive reviews, posts, likes, and tweets to promote your business across the Internet.
  • Powerful Dashboard for Tracking Reviews, Online Activity & Keyword Citation to Improve Online Visibility & Ranking (SEO)
  • Great Online Reporting of Reviews Activity with Immediate Notification
  • Brand Visibility Multiplier with Online Influencers & Reviews Tool by MINT Social Reviews


Promote your success & increase your revenue with more reviews!

Influencer Marketing – growing your online community with industry experts and online influencers based on relevant conversations (top keywords) to build your prospect database.

Relevance Marketing – turning your customers into marketing beacons for your brands. Sites such as Yelp, Facebook, Yahoo!, Bing and Google can become one of your top referral sources for new prospects while increasing the credibility and influence of your brands online.

Influence + Relevance + Reviews = Rankings – our ongoing marketing system for generating reviews in the top social networks and search engines will help to increase your rankings.