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Category: Content Marketing

Content marketing is the engine that increases your online visibility in search engines. Learn how to leverage content to grow new business. 480-818-6468

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Evolving Growth of Branded Content on the Web

Content on the web is what drives brands’ awareness and reputation. Using well-placed hyperlinked keywords and content written on what readers are searching for can do wonders for a brand’s online search rankings, brand mentions and more. And when that content is matched with excellent social media marketing work and geo-targeted distribution channels, greater levels ...
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Think Green to Get ‘The Green’ for Your Business

The New Business Model Running a business is as rewarding as it is challenging. Managing your costs and resources has taken on a whole new level of complexity for both online and offline marketing. For instance, thinking green. To some, this means bringing the cash in the door (managing cash flow), and to others, it ...
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Automating Content Marketing for the Social Web – Matt O’Brien at ICON12

As Mint Social works daily to create better social media marketing content for our customers, we must have a rock-solid system and processes to organize it all. To help manage our client’s activities, work, and campaigns, Mint Social uses Infusionsoft’s customer relationship management software. In doing so, we’re able to organize, prioritize and automate a ...
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Solving the Content Marketing Problem for Social Media

Every business has a content problem and also has underutilized content. We have solved the content problem for businesses through a combination of technology and innovative processes (like our soon to be released Geo-SoMo(TM)). If you have a Smartphone and can push a button, we can help your business become an online authority in your ...
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Jennifer Aniston Not So Sex Tape

As content marketers, we all want to know what makes a video go viral. If we could only crack that code, we would all be on the fat and happy road to Shangri-La. There are of course no hard and fast rules, but, in a new web video by Smart Water featuring Jennifer Aniston, they have ...
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The Mint Social Concept Map

This flow chart displays the Mint Social content marketing map. Notice that there is a central publishing hub that then feeds a linked network of syndicated channels to interact with your prospects and customers to facilitate an easy dialogue between you and your target audience.  This is of course very high level and rudimentary, but ...