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Money Radio Features Matthew O’Brien on Entrepreneurship in Scottsdale

Recently, David Cogan of Eliances and Money Radio host interviewed Matthew O’Brien, CEO of MINT Social. In the interview, David and Matt talk about what makes MINT Social unique. Matt discussed MINT Social’s biggest differentiator, building an associated press for a business online. Businesses put a lot of effort into their content. MINT Social finds that most businesses have ...
content marketing with bucket marketing

Content Marketing Made Simple with Bucket Marketing

One of the top statements that are made to us when consulting with new prospects is: “We do not have a content strategy.” In fact, they typically go on to say… “We’re not clear on what we should be talking about to bring in qualified new business opportunities.“ This is also very indicative of the ...
best digital marketing agency

There is Only One Web

Many potential clients who come to us at Mint Social talk about wanting to launch a new “mobile website” and create a strategy for the “mobile web”.  According to a 2012 study by google smartphones have the highest number of daily user interactions compared to tablets, desktops and laptops.   With the increased reliance of smartphones ...
Get Disruptive with Your Sales Force Using Linkedin

Get Disruptive with Your Sales Force Using Linkedin

All right, my first video blog hangout on a solo basis for 2014 and the new features in Google Hangouts make it easy to hangout and record solo! Today’s topic is about online branding, and specifically, enabling your sales team and salesforce, whether it’s a force of 1, 5, 10 or 100+, into lead generation ...
Productivity tips Can't Do List

Maximizing Productivity with The Can’t Do List

I think we would all agree that crossing things off a list gives us a sense of accomplishment and motivates us. However, what about those things that you don’t get done or never get started…and remain on your “To Do” list? Reverse Psychology at Work What would happen if we use reverse psychology for creating ...