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Mark O'Brien

Contact: (312) 525-8382

Email: mark@vgpltd.com

Website: https://www.vgpltd.com/

Address: 205 Michigan Ave Suite 810

City: Chicago

State: IL

Zip: 60601

Country: USA

Mark supports business owners with realizing their value potential, achieving life goals, and fulfilling dreams by supporting growth, transition, and succession plans that assist with Getting-2-Next©See More >. After many years of assisting owners in transitioning their business, Mark and VGP partners help business owners realize that one of the biggest challenges is executing succession and transition is the lack of a plan for "What's NEXT?" It's very challenging for an owner or executive leader to manage a leadership succession and even more difficult to manage a business transition without a transition plan that addresses "What's Next." We understand and have a plan that will assist. Succession and Transition Services: Supporting Owners, Advisors & Stakeholders with Transition-2-NEXT© Growth, Transition & Succession Planning to achieve Getting-2-NEXT©.

Author Company Information

Current Company: Newport LLC

Previous Company: Value Growth Partners, Ltd.

LinkedIn Company Page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mobrien-cmaa/

Facebook Company Page: https://www.facebook.com/ValueGrowthPartnersLtd

Author Education And Skills

School Name: Michigan Technological University ???? University of Illinois at Chicago ???? Harvard Business School

Education Description: MTU - BSME, Mechanical Engineering ???? UIC - MBA Business Management, Entrepreneurial Ventures ???? HBS - Exec Ed, OPM Executive Program

Achievement Title: Board of Directors, Co-Chairman Chicagolan ? Board of Directors Member ? Mentor & Advisor

Achievement Description: Board of Directors, Co-Chairman Chicagoland - Society of Manufacturing Engineers ? Board of Directors Member - Legacy Reentry Foundation NFP ? Mentor & Advisor - SCORE Association

Certificates Title: Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) ?? Certified Merger and Acquisition Advisor (CM&AA)

Certificates Description: Exit Planning Institute ?? Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors


August 24, 2019

Stop Selling Your Time

If your goal is to build a more valuable company, stop selling your time. Billing by the hour or day means customers are renting your time rather than buying a result, which means that your business model lacks leverage. To grow, you need to either work harder or hire more people. Since it can ta .... Continue reading