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Progressive Web Apps Deliver Massive User Value

progressive web apps web components

Modern web development can be an ugly bag of snakes. Javascript frameworks, web components, & service workers. State management, event loops, code splitting & tree shaking. Today’s web is hyper competitive, users are fickle and your competition is relentless. It can be a lot. Like A LOT a lot.

But the data is in. Investing in Web Components & Progressive Web Apps (PWAs for short) are making companies more money, increasing user engagement, and creating deeper brand loyalty. Also, the trend is clear that mobile and tablet devices are just devouring screen share from desktop ( 8% since 2013).

mobile first user experience trends
Wired SEO mobile marketing statistics, 2017

Lucky for you our engineers are frontend masters. They eat, sleep and breathe this stuff. They are up on the bleeding edge of web technologies and love to wax poetic on web tech for HOURS (seriously, don’t ask them) . But, the good news is they are OBSESSED with building you a modern web experience that will delight your users and let your brand shine through.


We’re super cool with all this and more!