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MINT Social

Email: info@mintsocial.com

Address: 20715 N Pima Rd Suite Ste 108

City: Scottsdale

State: AZ

Zip: 85255

Mint Social launched in 2008 as a social media marketing and online branding company. Our commitment then remains true today… to streamline and simplify the digital marketing process with measurable results. Our blend of best-in-class digital marketing tools, talent, and technology gives your business the competitive edge and foresight to grow today and for years to come. Our unique approach to online marketing is centered on accelerating successes and failures. Every business we work with is unique, yet our experience gives us the foresight for predictive results that we call “truth” mapping and “failure hacking”…fail fast, iterate quickly to accelerate success. We learn from every digital marketing campaign we launch to guide us to your business’s true path of marketing success.

Company Name: MINT Social

First Name: Matthew

Last Name: O'Brien

Contact Email: matthew@mintsocial.com

Phone Number: (602) 616-0816

Description: Matthew is the founder of MINT Social, an award-winning digital marketing company that accelerates online marketing results to help businesses get found and thrive online.