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Content Marketing Strategy with MINT Social Content Marketing Engine

Content Marketing Strategy with MINT Social Content Marketing Engine

Because Markets are Conversations

We have solved one of the biggest challenges with marketing a business online…content. Our unique approach repurposes underutilized content (press releases, PowerPoint presentations, articles, brochures, videos, etc.) with the business intelligence to help your message reach the most relevant online conversations. Generating new content is another problem we solved by creating contributors’ networks and custom author/business profile schema that becomes a powerful marketing & syndication engine for your business.


How Does The Content Marketing Engine Impact You Business?

We build custom Digital Media Footprints for your business. In fact, we have helped more businesses develop digital assets that create recurring revenue than just about any other company in the digital marketing space.

We begin by pinpointing the primary purpose of your content marketing plan:


  • Business Branding – Increasing online mentions and links with call-to-actions for your business name and trademarks, trade names, IP, services and products.
  • Executive / Personal Branding – Establish yourself as the go-to expert. After all, you are a leader in your field and businesses want to work with the best and settle for nothing less. Do you look like an expert online? We can help.


Reputation Defense™ – We take an offensive and defensive approach to managing results online from comments, reviews and third party information regarding your business and personal brand in search and the social media space.

Content Marketing + Social Media Marketing Optimization + Digital Intelligence increases your relevance and visibility to the audience you care about the most…the one that grows your business, year-over-year.