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Content Marketing

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The MINT Social Content Marketing Engine

We have solved one of the biggest challenges with marketing a business online…content. Our unique approach repurposes underutilized content (press releases, PowerPoint presentations, articles, brochures, videos, etc.) with the business intelligence to help your message reach the most relevant online conversations.

Generating new content is another problem we solved by creating contributors’ networks and custom author/business profile pages that become powerful marketing channels that Mint Social customers get exclusive access to.

We like to think of all of the places off of your website that we can publish to as your social media footprint. This  content marketing strategy enables a business to build your brand off of your website while keeping these valuable lead-generating channels active with new content.

With your content marketing engine running, custom-crafted to your brand, the visibility multiplier takes over through the creation and syndication of valuable content that your new customers are looking for.

Content Marketing Engine visibility multiplier


What makes MINT Social worth hiring?

We have implemented the Social Media Footprint for more businesses than any other company around. Just as you are sizing us up to see if we are a fit for your online marketing needs, we do the same with our clients. If there is not a good fit, we will not be successful in working together.

We begin by pinpointing the primary purpose of your content marketing strategy:

  1. executive branding – Increasing online mentions (and links) for your business name and trademarks, trade names and products.
  2. executive branding – Establish yourself as the go-to expert. After all, you are a leader in your field and businesses want to work with the best and settle for nothing less. Do you look like an expert online? We can help.
  3. Reputation Management – We take an offensive and defensive approach to managing results online from comments, reviews and third party information regarding your business and personal brand in search and the social media space.
  4. Social Media Marketing Optimization (Keyword Optimized) – A component to your overall search engine optimization strategy helps increase your relevance and visibility “organically” in the top search engines and social networks.
  5. Products & Services Marketing (aka online leads and sales) – Ultimately you want an ROI on your content marketing efforts and with this, you are looking for conversions that drive leads and sales for your company. Funnels are one of the ways to think of this content model but we think of it more as a multiple channel flow of the buyer’s journey.


Content Marketing + Social Media Marketing Optimization + Digital Intelligence increases your relevance and visibility to the audience you care about the most…the one that grows your business, year-over-year.

We are going to lay it on the line here. You will see results within the first 60 days of working together, period. We measure our success using a proven 5 point return on investment (ROI) scale. More details at…implementing a successful online marketing strategy.