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Social Media SMAZ

5th annual Social Media AZ (SMAZ) Conference

Many talented social media marketers, bloggers, digital strategists, and Internet specialists were in Tempe, AZ on Friday for the 5th annual Social Media AZ (SMAZ) conference. SMAZ is the premier business-focused event to help companies understand and learn the latest techniques in digital marketing and social media. Presenters from top social media firms and agencies ...
digital media marketing

What if Search Engines Didn’t Exist?

The other day I was over at the great web marketing blog dosh dosh and read an interesting post on marketing your website without search engines. This got me thinking back to my early days on the web when I was in college (Does anyone remember those news updates?).  Basically, I would have to spend ...

What is SamePoint and Why Do I Care?

SamePoint.com is presently tracking millions of conversations, taking place across in more than tens of thousands blogs and social media sites. User-generated discussions are typically not indexed by major search engines, such as Google, as they do not reside on static pages. SamePoint.com converts these discussions into web pages, or permalinks, and organizes them within ...