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Google spiders octopus relevance ranking SEO

Google Spiders Have a New Boss, The Google Octopus

What happens when great marketing minds get together to share ideas? Inspiration happens and marketing patterns take shape that could be seen as trends. SMAZ 6 is the culprit for the inspiration behind my top 5 takeaways from this event: Facebook is still a powerful marketing beast but for what purpose (especially when the average ...
Social Media SMAZ

5th annual Social Media AZ (SMAZ) Conference

Many talented social media marketers, bloggers, digital strategists, and Internet specialists were in Tempe, AZ on Friday for the 5th annual Social Media AZ (SMAZ) conference. SMAZ is the premier business-focused event to help companies understand and learn the latest techniques in digital marketing and social media. Presenters from top social media firms and agencies ...
SMAZ3 Social Media AZ

Social Media Conference 9-9-10 SMAZ3

After smashing success for the previous 2 events with over 400 in attendance last event, Social Media AZ announces the SMAZ3! As a previous SMAZ attendee, you are entitled to special ticket pricing for the upcoming Social Media AZ (SMAZ3MINT) event on September 9th. As a person that attended the SMAZ event previously we are ...